Agile Project Management

Together with you we want to go the way of the agile method of project management and would like to develop your software for you. The software according to your wishes, so that your software supports you and your company.

With the agile method, all requirements are defined in small requirement "packages" and key points are agreed upon. In contrast to the classical procedure, the project is not carried out through a long-term concept, but is divided into processing cycles.

In each of the machining cycles, one or more partial solutions are developed, a prototype is created, discussed and completed or reworked. Only when you are satisfied with the partial solution will we proceed to the next cycle.

By running through different cycles and thereby developing complete partial solutions, errors can be detected quicker and correction is much easier.
Results are visible faster and through direct feedback on the prototype, we can react immediately to your wishes. In this way we do not always follow the plan, but we respond to your changes.

Just as PROTAKT uses the agile method, it offers a high level of user integration and acceptance. The cooperation before and after the processing cycles forms a closer interlocking of the project teams.

Our project managers are consultants with practical experience and solid know-how in business administration and company organisation.
The quality criterion for us: The solution must work.

We would be pleased to inform you in detail about our project management methods in a personal meeting.

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