Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement

The CRM system for your customers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is a CRM-system and is focused on the needs of your customers. Customer Engagement is the leading system for managing customer data. You want to use Marketing, Sales, Service and Field Service in one tool? We as a CRM-provider can help you with Customer Engagement to link all of this and make your customer care as efficient as possible.

The modules of Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement are designed in such a way that you can directly map the majority of your business processes:

  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Communication
  • E-Mail Integration
  • Customer care
  • Marketing, Sales & Service Management

Do you know the situation where you are standing in front of the customer's door and wish you had quickly read through the customer data again?
No problem, because Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement works on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. That means you can conveniently take your smartphone out in front of the door and quickly review the customer information again.

To make your everyday work life even easier and to give you added value in terms of usability, Customer Engagement can be seamlessly integrated into all Office 365 systems.

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