Picture Credits according to Copyright Law

Some of the images used on our website come from various picture portals. You will find an exact summary of these images and their photographers on this page. If they are images of PROTAKT, all rights lie at the PROTAKT Projects & Business AG . For all other images used we made sure that these are derived from sources which are explicitly marked as royalty free. We thank all the photographers.

Pictures by fotolia
hand mit rotem apfel © marko poggenburg
Breaking rope © Nikolai Sorokin
barcodes sticker label and laser beam over blue background © Olivier Le Moal
Sparpaket Stapler © Deminos

Pictures by 123rf
Red cutted puzzle @ Damir Bayburin

Pictures by istockphoto
Vegetables in the vending machine @ Rubberball
Granny smith apple, diet @ John Shepherd

Pictures by AdobeStock

Pictures by Peter Miotke

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