DunTrade®Connect integrates all payment experience of D&B DunTrade® as an early warning tool into your Dynamics NAV system

Changes in payment behavior are the first signs of possible financial difficulties of your business partners and therefore an important and significant element in order to detect a possible threat of insolvency risk at an early stage.

With the Dynamics NAV special solution D&B DunTrade®Connect certified by Microsoft, you can synchronize the latest information on the payment behavior of your business partner with D&B/Bisnode straight from your Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV system. You will be given access to information about your customers' payment flows to other suppliers, you can keep tabs on their payment behaviour and are able to compare with your own payment experiences. The payment information is thereby directly linked to your customer data in Dynamics NAV.

Active risk management with Dynamics NAV D&B DunTrade®Connect
The special solution can be integrated into any existing Dynamics NAV implementation. The integration into your Dynamics NAV system provides an active risk management, because it simplifies the analysis of information for an continious review of your business partners.

Your benefits at a Glance

  • Complete integration into your Dynamics NAV system
  • Review and rating of the payment behavior of your existing customers
  • Comparison of customer data of the last 3 months
  • Historie payment behavior of the last 12 months 
  • Analysis - put into graphs - available at any time   
  • Payment information will be linked directly to your customer data   
  • Automated data import / -export   
  • Quick online help

Dynamics NAV D&B DunTrade®Connect supports both, automatical export of your customer data to D&B/Bisnode as well as the automatical import of the payment experience out of the D&B/Bisnode database. Here you will find more detailed information about the functionality of Dynamics NAV D&B DunTrade®Connect.

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Take advantage of expert know-how
The solution Dynamics NAV D&B DunTrade®Connect is a co-development with Bisnode Germany GmbH, specialist for data and solutions concerning credit-worthiness. 
Read more about the effective use of early warning systems in a company with the payment experience of D&B DunTrade®.