COMSOL Reisekosten

The so-called Act on the Modification and Simplification of Business Taxation and of the Tax Law on Travel Expenses came into effect on 1 January 2014, bringing with it quite considerable legal changes. Processing travel expense claims without a certain degree of automation is therefore only possible with considerable staff overhead.

In order to ensure time-saving and above all legally compliant processing of travel expense claims we would recommend the travel expenses module for Microsoft Dynamics NAV from Comsol, which can be be easily and quickly integrated into your Dynamics NAV solution.

Managing and processing travel expenses with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Set-up "at the touch of a button". Intuitive operation of the application – thanks also to the familiar user interface. Comsol Reisekosten is intended to be a functional tool for business travellers in particular. The initial focus is on the process of capturing travel expenses and other expense receipts by employees. And so the entire process is kept simple. It can be performed using a standard client and/or via a web portal.

Comsol Reisekosten helps with simple cost-saving planning, entry and payment of travel expenses and other receipts. The solution can be easily integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV – process interruptions and interface problems are a thing of the past.  This has the key advantage that you need only enter your travel expenses once – multiple data capture is no longer necessary. The use of parameters for travel expense document types controls integration with financial accounting, payroll and recharging to projects, thus achieving consistent workflow.

Advantages of using Comsol Reisekosten:

  • Compliance with legal requirements, benefits of integrated travel expense claim processing
  • Automatic, function-controlled creation of set-up data
  • Simple entry using a wizard, multiple data capture is no longer required
  • Integrated approval procedure
  • Additions to travel expense controlling (advances, invoices pre-paid by employer, e.g. from travel agency)
  • Copy journeys, cancel travel, manage company cars

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