The eBilanz Kit from AvenDATA

In accordance with Article 5b of the Income Tax Act (Einkommensteuergesetz – EstG) all businesses that are required to keep accounts are obliged to transfer their financial statements for financial years beginning after 31 December 2012 to the tax office electronically. The intention is to standardise documents used in annual accounts and to transfer them electronically.

The following documents are to be sent to the tax office as an XBRL data record in electronic form according to a taxonomy developed by the financial authorities:

  • Tax or trade balance sheet with offsetting and reconciliation
  • Tax income statement
  • Statement of appropriation of net income
  • Statement of capital account movements for non-incorporated businesses

Your existing sources of information, processes and software must be checked to ensure that they are compatible in order to transfer the documents and use the appropriate taxonomy. However, the electronic balance sheet is also a challenge in technical terms. Will this cause interface problems, integration difficulties and complex testing in your system?
Not with the eBilanz Kit from AvenDATA. The eBilanz Kit can be deployed independently of the underlying system in order to transfer balance sheet and income statement to the tax authorities in electronic form.  The XBRL-capable tool is compatible with all ERP systems from Microsoft, and therefore quite naturally with Dynamics NAV, too.

Below is a summary of some of the major features:

  • Data import only requires current total and account balance lists containing figures at the reporting date.
  • CSV files serve as source files for data import, and their exact structure (separators, field assignment) can be mapped dynamically using the import wizard.
  • The assignment of accounts to the corresponding items of German Commercial Code taxonomy is performed simply using drag&drop.
  • Assignment only needs to be performed once as it is then stored as a template for re-use in subsequent financial years.
  • It is possible to export current total and account balance lists as CSV or Excel files.

We would be happy to supply detailed information about all the features, system requirements and integration into your Microsoft Dynamics NAV System. Just contact us.

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