PROTAKT and the puck-kids

Being a puck-child is for every little "Roten Teufel" a special moment. Waiting for your mission at the open belt door, feeling the special atmosphere at the Colonel Knight Stadium, and all eyes are on you. Then the time has come, you're allowed going to the ice hockey players on the ice and can throw in the first puck of the evening. And finally, you can give every ice hockey player a high five!
PROTAKT makes this moment possible for five little "Rote Teufel" in this season. We present the so-called puck-kids and at the same time we support the offspring team of EC Bad Nauheim "Rote Teufel Bad Nauheim Nachwuchs e.V".
”We are looking forward that companies  put  their  eyes  on  these  ambitious  little kids-players. As a strong recruiter in the region, PROTAKT is also committed to the sporting training of our youth – this connection between the PROTAKT corporate philosophy and us is almost perfect," comments Alexander Baum from "RT Bad Nauheim Nachwuchs e.V".

"Just like in sport, there are talented people in the professional world who should be encouraged. With our offer of apprenticeships, internships for dual studies, school internships and our participation on the Girls' Day. PROTAKT uses the opportunity to support young people in their professional careers from the very beginning," explains Lothar Kinnschewski, member of the executive board of PROTAKT, the existing parallels to the EC Bad Nauheim. "For the further development of our company, we need very well-educated young people. We are glad to be able to offer interesting perspectives and exciting IT projects in Bad Nauheim."