The development from Navision to Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The term NAVISION is still frequently heard today when talking about ERP systems.
However, if you enter the search term "Navision" on the Internet, for example, you will get few hits for Navision, but all the more for Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV.

How does that happen?

NAVISION was originally developed by NAVISION Software A/S, a Danish company. The ERP software solution spread mainly in Europe, where it was distributed by NAVISION Solution Centers (NSCs). The focus was on Denmark and Germany.
PROTAKT was also certified as a NAVISION Solution Center in 1999.

NAVISION Software A/S had been cooperating with Microsoft for a long time before it was taken over by Microsoft in 2002. Microsoft integrated the Danish software manufacturer into its Microsoft Business Solutions division. Since then, NAVISION has gradually been merged with Microsoft's other ERP solutions. Therefore, the product was renamed Microsoft Dynamics NAV and is known under this name as an innovative and reliable ERP solution for medium-sized and smaller companies.

In 2006 PROTAKT was awarded Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status for the first time, the highest possible status in the Microsoft partner program. Like the NAVISION product, we have continued to develop and offer our customers a wealth of practical experience and know-how in the implementation of business solutions for over 20 years. In the past with NAVISION - then with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and in the future with Business Central.

Because Dynamics NAV has also evolved and is now Dynamics 365 Business Central, a comprehensive cloud-based enterprise management solution. Business Central offers a modern user interface and the flexible possibility of both (as before) on-premises and cloud deployments.

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